Fat Loss Phase 1: Lift Like a Girl Workout of the Month


Want to Lose Fat and Keep It Off?

You don't have to punish yourself with a miserable diet and workouts that leave you exhausted to lose fat. 

Experience simple, sustainable fat loss the Lift Like a Girl way. 

Fat loss doesn't require deprivation and you needn't "trick yourself into eating less" or any of that nonsense. Apply a few proven guidelines, , and you'll achieve sustainable fat loss.

What can you expect to achieve from this four week program?

  • This isn't your typical fat loss program. You'll focus on increasing your confidence, improving your workout performance, and becoming the best version of yourself. Become MORE, not less. Fat loss is a side effect.
  • Save time: there's zero guesswork because this is a done-for-you program. From exercises, rest periods, sets, reps, and progression, it's all laid out in clear detail.
  • No dieting: this program does not require dieting or deprivation. Instead you'll use simple, habit-building changes that lead to long lasting results. You'll make one change at a time.
  • Lose fat, and keep it off: this isn't a "quick fix" workout program. You'll lose fat, the sane and simple way, so you'll be able to keep it off long term.

Inside January's Workout of the Month: Fat Loss Phase 1

  • You'll perform three total body strength training workouts per week on nonconsecutive days. The duration of the program is four weeks.
  • Program structure: each strength training workout consists of two supersets, an abdominal exercise, and ends with a fat burning finisher.
  • Equipment used: dumbbells, adjustable weight bench, chin-up bar. 
  • Demonstration videos: every exercise has its own demonstration video.
  • Printable workout logs: print them off, take them to the gym, and track your progress!
  • Simple fat loss nutrition: fat loss wouldn't be complete without nutrition information. But you will NOT diet. Instead you'll make one simple change at a time.

-Nikki F.

How Much Is It?

Only $12.99. 

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The empowering side of long lasting fat loss.


Fat Loss Phase 1: Lift Like a Girl Workout of the Month