Women's Muscle Sculpting Program

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"This is seriously the most fun working out that I have ever had ... while working my ass off!” -Jacquie

If you want to sculpt sexy muscle in all the right places or simply want a strength training routine that's constantly changing things up (so you don't get bored!) then look no further.

The Women's Muscle Sculpting Program is divided into 3 unique 5-week phases:

  • Phase 1: High Volume, Low(er) Intensity
  • Phase 2: High Intensity, Low Volume
  • Phase 3: High(er) Volume, Low Intensity

Also included are:

  • The 6 steps to muscle sculpting success
  • Muscle sculpting nutrition guidelines
  • Detailed workout notes (so you know exactly what to do and how to progress each week)
  • Video demonstrations for most exercises

How Much Is It?

Only $9.99.

Instant Access

Immediately after purchase you'll receive an email giving you instant access to the ebook. It comes in PDF format.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you hate it, then I don't want your money. Just reply within 30 days and I'll give you a refund. 

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Women's Muscle Sculpting Program

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